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VideoCamp is a video creation and production team that offers high-quality video production services. Our service range covers all stages of video creation, including concept and script writing, filming, editing, and post-production. Additionally, we also offer video live streaming and video projection services that can be adapted to various events, from private gatherings to large conferences or concerts. We are ready to create unique and engaging video content.

My name is

Vitalis Mika

I am the founder of VideoCamp, I have a passion for creating visual content. I am also a camera operator & video editor.

With over 10 years of video production experience, my journey began in Europe, has taken me across the world to North America and back. No matter where we are in the world, technology is inescapable. The constant evolution pushes me to learn the latest techniques and master new tricks.

I am waiting for new challenges - to construct the vision of the project together, to consult, to work until the exclusive and best content will be created for you

Videography / Live Stream / video PROJECTIONS / virtual studio

Fraser Health


Coast 2000


Our process aims to first understand what the viewer needs to hear/see in order to want to take action. Then pair this understanding with our artistic talent to create a powerful video that makes a difference.


We come out to you with our state-of-the-art cameras, lights, audio equipment, drones, and crew to capture all the puzzle pieces needed to piece together the perfect story as mapped out in creative brief. We make sure the day goes smoothly by having an agenda and communicating everything well in advance. Lights, camera, action; this is the fun part.

What to expect, Working together

a close up of a camera with a wooden handle
a close up of a camera with a wooden handle

After getting the shots we cut them up and bring it all together. When music, graphics, animation, and live-video all come together it's magical. In the end, we will have an amazing video that's ready to hit the market.


We sit down with you and help you game plan on how to get the most out of your investment. We lay out specific strategies and action items to make sure this video is seen and accomplishes the goals we set out to accomplish. We get you the final files and help you get them up to all the channels we choose.

Let's create together!